An Strat Dubh
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Fender - Stratocaster - late 195x to early 196x - tobacco sunburst finish

- tobacco sunburst finish
- rosewood finish
- smaller 50's/60's era headstock
- Studio: unsure
- Live: This was used live to play 'Pride (In The Name Of Love)' on the Popmart and Elevation tours. And used for 'I Still Haven't Found...' during the Popmart tour.
Details: This one can almost be mistaken for the 70's model used in the early days. (Seen in the McGonagles pictures) but this has the smaller pre-CBS era headstock. I first saw him use this during a MTV 120 minutes episode; Edge was demonstrating his Bradshaw controllers and his effects during the ZooTV tour.
Sources: MTV's 120 minutes. Popmart Live In Mexico City video.

Playing 'Pride...' @ Anaheim 3. April 26, 2001