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Fender Stratocaster 1977, black, CBS-era, looks like Edge´s old main working horse (the black one No.1) which you see in the Red Rocks Video.

Fender Mustang 19XX, black, seen with two pickups during the Unforgettable Fire Tour, when it was played by Bono. Bono played some rhythem chords on this guitar to support Edge.

Fender Telecaster custom 197X, black, black pickguard, seen on the B.B.King video sessions
Fender Telecaster 1972, candy apple red, used during Popmart. You can recognize this guitar in the guitar-stand. But I have never heard, that Bono actually used this guitar on one of the shows.

Gibson ES-335, 196X, red, with pearl trapez inlays on the fingerboard, seen in the Rattle and hum book. Bono played this guitar a lot during the late 80ties. For example the 2nd live guitar of "All I want is you" is done with this one.

Gibson Hummingbird 19XX, black, Bono used this guitar from time to time during the acoustic set of ZOO-TV.

Gibson Hummingbird 19XX, natural, the guitar you can see above is Bono's acoustic guitar for Popmart. He played "Staring at the sun" on this one. The photo was taken by myself, after Fraser McAllister put it there in the mid of the show.

Gibson ES-275, 19XX, black, I have never seen Bono with this guitar. But it was reported to me, that he used one. Maybe someone can confirm this.

Gibson ES-175, 19XX, black, this is Bono's "I feel good" guitar, he used on the ZOO-TV shows. The ES-175 is actually a Jazz guitar, which gives you a very natural and big sound. It does sound very sweet in my opinion. Not harsh at all.

Gibson ES-175, 19XX, black, a second one this one was used on "Dirty Day". This guitar seems to be the backup for the one above. In U2's official Sydney-Video you can see, that they are not identical as this one here, has a no pickup selector!

Gibson ES-175, 1997, blue metallic, used for "One" during the Rotterdam shows. Looks great! This guitar seems to be a custom shop model because of its finish. In the new video to "The ground beneath hear feet", you can even see The Edge playing this guitar.

Gibson ES-175, 1997, red metallic, used for "One" during the german Popmart-shows. Again as same as the blue one, this guitar seems to be produced around the same time, Bono's blue one was produced. Bono used it a lot for "Last night on earth" on the later legs of Popmart.

Gibson Les Paul Custom 197X, black, seen in the booklet of POP, and also used during soundchecks during ZOO-TV.

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1997, silver, played by Bono during "Last night on earth" on the first show in Rotterdam. This guitar is different to the actual disco guitar. The finish does look more holographic.

Gretsch 6119 Chet Atkins modell, 1958, used on Popmart for "Gone", on the picture above you can see Bono's tech Frasier McAllister checking Bono's amps.

Gretsch Country Club, cadillac green, used for "Miss Sarajevo" on stage in Modena, this one belongs definitly to Bono, Egde said some days ago in an interview. But in fact you can't believe mostly what you are reading there. It is a complete dark green guitar!

Gretsch White Falcon, custom-made new White Falcon G6136 painted cadillac green.

Fender Lead II, used during "A day without me"

Bono uses - same as Edge in the 80ties - Rotosound strings on every guitar in the mid 80ties! During Popmart he played DR-Strings as far as I was told. Bono's plectrum is varying. He uses as same as Edge these Herdim picks. But Fraser McAllister gave me one pic of Bono after the Wembley show in 1997, which looks green. This pick is much thinner then the one Edge uses.



VOX AC-30, from early 60ties, red cover, with damaged front, seems to be from the early 60ties

VOX AC-30, from early 60ties, red cover, without damaged front, seems to be from the early 60ties

VOX AC-30, from mid 60ties, dark front, seen in the Hansa studios in Berlin, Bono put´s his drink on it!
Marshall Anniversary 30th amp 1962-1992, used on "Zooropa 93" for the harsher sounds.

Mesa-Boogie Maverick 2x12", this is on the stage during Popmart. Bono seems to use this amp a lot for the trashy distortion songs.

Mesa Boogie Combo 1x12", used during several ZOO-TV shows

Fender Twin Amp, silverface, early 70ties or late 60ties. Bono used this amp especially at the end of the eightees. You can see him from time to time on some live videos adjusting the knobs manually under Larry's drum riser. That's where this amp is hidden.

Line 6 Flextone, Bono used that amp during the Elevation Promo Tour

?, this amplifier was seen during the first leg of the Elevation Tour. It has a Tweed look.


Effects & Pedals

Above you can see two good images of Bono's Popmart rack. As you can see, there is a Bradshaw foot controller lying on the top of the rack. Bono's tech Frasier has marked the different loops Bono is using there. Note the stickers, which say "L5" or "L3". These are the loops of the Bradshaw which are used for these units. Note, that this is not a proof for a specific signal path. The Bradshaw system allows you as same as the Patchmate does, to vary the exact path with patching the loops different than only serial from 1 to 9 (11)!

Yamaha REX50 Digital Multi-Effector, seems to be the reverb unit or just a multi-fx

Yamaha Delay D-1500, very rare but excellent delay unit, it does have a modulation delay.

Custom Audio Electronics Tremolo

Digitech 2112 Studio GSP Preamp/Processor, this unit was used for "Gone". Frasier mentioned this in an interview to a guitar magzine.

Korg A3, this seems to be Bono's main multi-fx

Korg A3, this may used with a different SPC-Card or simply as backup unit

Bradshaw Switching System RSB-18F, this one is lying on the rack (during Zoo-TV)

Bradshaw Switching System RSB-18R, this one is the rack-unit for the foot-controller

Bradshaw Switching System RSB-18R, this is the backup or Fraser's foot-controller

BOSS OD-2, this must be stolen from Edge´s equipment. Anyway, Bono's overdrive pedal now.

Marshall "Guv´nor", nice little overdrive shredder, sounds very harsh

Roger Mayer Mongoose Fuzz, used on Popmart for the heavier sounds.

Lovetone Meatball, used on Popmart, the settings here do vary. On a picture taken before the show in Las Vegas, this unit was set to a neutral setting, which means, that Bono seems to use only the cicuit board for influencing the sound a bid. But on later pics you can actually see a different setting. I don't know, what Bono exactly uses this pedal for - but maybe it's only to make the distortion sound a bid more dirty.


Additional tools

Morley A/B-Box, used on Popmart for selecting different lines.

Sony UHF Diversity Tuner WRR37, wireless receiver

Sony UHF Diversity Tuner WRR850, used on Popmart

Sony UHF Diversity Tuner WRR850, used on Popmart

Hohner Blues Harp, used on "Desire" on various live shows. The one on the picture was used in Dortmund 1989 during the Lovetown shows.



Voice: live Bono uses a Sony wireless microphone.
In his early does, he uses a Shure SM 58 from what I know.

Amps: from what I can recognize a Sennheise MD410

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