Larry Mullen Jrs. Drums

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Larry uses Yamaha drums only. He is endorsing Yamaha. A while ago you could see him with a Tama (ugh!) drumkit - but this was only for the "I will follow" video shot.

ZOO-TV shows (Europe 1993)

Yamaha Maple custom with:

13" x 9" Tom Tom above the bassdrum
15" x 13" Tom Tom left of the HiHat
16" x 16" Floor Tom
24" x 16" Bassdrum
12" x 8" Brady Snare drum

All hardware parts are from Yamaha.

POPMART shows (Europe 1997)

Yamaha Maple custom 30th Anniversary with:

14" x 12" Tom Tom left of the HiHat
16" x 16" Floor Toms (2x)
24" x 16" Bassdrum
14" x 8" Brady Snare drum
12" x 4" Yamaha "Peter Erskine" snare for "Streets"

Yamaha fitted this drumset with a special custom finish to give Larry something cool for supporting the look of the drumkit on stage. All hardware parts are from Yamaha.

Elevation Promo Tour Drums

Yamaha Beech custom (white) with:

WSD-086 14"x6.5" Snare Drum
Brady Snare Drum
WBD-824 24"x16" Bass Drum
WTT-814J 14"x10" Tom
WTT-816 16"x14" Tom
WFT-816 16"x16" Floor Tom
WFT-818 18"x 16" Floor Tom

Hardware includes:

CS-930 Cymbal Stand (4x)
CS-935 Cymbal Stand (3x)
DFP-780 Double Foot Pedal
DS-940 Drum Stool
FP-850 Foot Pedal
HS-930 Hi-hat Stand
SS-930 Snare Drum Stand
TH-945A Tom Holder

Larry use too a Club Jordan drums kit in the little stage: the basic set CD15CJ. Thanx to RaphaŽl from France for information.



Line Cymbal Set from Paiste includes:

16" Power crash
17" Power crash
18" Power crash
18" Full crash
22" Power ride
14" Sound Edge HiHat
14" Sound Edge HiHat


Effects Rack

Rane SM26 Splittermixer
Alesis DataDisk (for storing MIDI data)
Alesis D4
Yamaha DTS70 Drum Trigger System
E-MU Sampler
Yamaha Tape Deck KX 630
Ensonic DP4 Parallel Effect Processor
Alesis HR16 Drumcomputer
Tech Bullet "Larry Mullen" 12 Channel Mixer
Carver PM600 M. F. Power Amp: headphones
Carver PM600 M. F. Power Amp: JBL Control 1 Speakers



Main stage

Bass drum miked with Beyerdynamic M88 or Shure SM91. Snare miked on bottom with Shure SM 57 and B&K 4006 on top. Hi-Hat miked with B&K 406 or Shure SM81. Cymbals miked with B&K 4011 or AKG 414. Toms miked with Sennheiser M421 or Shure SM98. Vocals miked with Sennheiser M420 headset or SM58 wireless UHF. Headset Shure SM-58 wireless UHF or headset Isomax Countryman.


Toms are miked with Shure Beta 56. Snare is miked with Shure Beta 56. Bass drum is miked with Shure Beta 52. HiHat is miked with Shure SM-57

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