An Strat Dubh
2001 - Fernandes Native Pro [customized] - metallic green


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2001 - Fernandes (Custom) Native Pro:
This was The Edge's "sustainer" guitar of choice for the 2001 Elevation World tour. The Edge had used a the Decade Elite models for the Pop Mart tour.
The Edge's Native Pro was customized, and it has the Decade model style neck and headstock and "hot rail" (humbucker) pickups in conjunction with the Fernandes "sustainer" pickup. This particular guitar pictured (left) was one of many that were destroyed in Spring 2002 during the flood at Hanover Quay (U2's studio/practive facility). The Edge has replaced this guitar with and identical model/configuration. [This info, as per my telephone conversation with an artist rep at Fernandes in June 2002.]
The sustainer pick-up is how The Edge achieved the sustain intro during "With Or Without You" during the Elevation 2001 tour. 
Michael Brooks "Infinite Guitar" was how The Edge achieved this effect on The Joshua Tree (1987) album.
For the the ZOO TV and ZOOROPA tours, The Edge used Fender Stratocasters in conjunction with an e-bow. The E-bow being a handheld electromagnetic device that creates a magnetic field shift between itself and the pickup, hence the string vibrates and the effect is an infinite sustain.
Fernandes guitars "Sustainer" pickups take this idea a step further. The pickup itself will sustain indefinitely when in the "on" position. This allow the Edge infinite sustain without tying up his by needing to hold the e-bow.