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Fender Stratocaster 1979, serial #s 916792, black, black pick guard (see picture above), this has been Edge's main Stratocaster for many many years and tours. Later, this guitar has been modified a lot: the original nut was replaced by one made in graphite, brass saddles were mounted as well as a DiMarzio FS-1 as bridge PU. Also this pickup has something special: Edge mentioned that half of the windings were removed because the sound was too shrill. Some magazines reported that the guitar was also equipped with Seymour Duncan Quarter pound pickups.
Autographed twice by Bono. What is special about the guitar is the story behind it. Sometime during the late 1980's, The Edge was asked to autograph a guitar to be presented to The Hard Rock Café. The Edge agreed to do so. One day, in 1988, New York, The Edge decided to go to The Hard Rock Café. He went to the front along with Bono and a guitar. There was a long line and a doorman. The doorman told The Edge he would have to stand in line with everyone else. Edge replied," I'm The Edge. I'd like to get in." The doorman stood his ground. "You'll stand in line like everybody else," he said. Rebuked, The Edge started to leave the café. Bono grabbed the guitar and said, " I'll sign it." He did so on the spot, with a red felt pen, and the autograph, now dimmed by time, reads "Bono, 88". When the guitar was presented to the Hard Rock Café, the café's representative declined it on the ground that it was not signed by the Edge! Black body shows scratches on back of the guitar from the Edge's belt buckle. In 1993 the guitar was again presented to Bono to resign and he laughed when he was reminded of the story. Bono resigned the guitar; again the Edge still pissed off refused to sign. Valued at $12.000,00. I personally think, that this is a rip-off! You can see the guitar, f.e. "Where the streets have no name" video.

Fender Stratocaster 197X, black, white pickguard, CBS-era, "vintage style" pickups caps and knobs (see picture above), I think that this is Edge´s main working horse (the "blacky one"). This guitar is identical to the next one. You can see this guitar too featuring Edge on "With or without you" in the new released Classic Albums - The Joshua Tree video! That's this guitar here!

Fender Stratocaster 197X, black, white pickguard, CBS-era, "vintage style" pickups caps and knobs (see picture above), brass string guides, once fitted with Floyd-Rose tremolo (as you can see in the "Rattle & Hum" movie when Edge plays "Sunday bloody sunday" and "Bullet..."). Dallas told me, that this is the same guitar he uses now, only without this tremolo which was removed because it made the sound too harsh. Now you can notice the holes left from the string clamps on the headstock.

Fender Stratocaster 197X, sunburst, rosewood fingerboard, white pickguard (see picture above), seen in a very early performance. We don't know if this guitar is really Edge's.

Fender Stratocaster 197X, black, rosewood fingerboard, white pickguard, seen in in the "Rattle & Hum" movie, when Edge plays "I Still Haven't Found...", and during the Lovetown tour.

Fender Stratocaster 1989, "pewter" color, white perlmut pickguard (during the ZOO Tv Tour), Eric Clapton Signature, with airbrush on the corpus (see picture above), used live on "The Fly". Normally the Eric Clapton signature's feature is the 25db mid boost in combination with a larger headstock and golden lace sensor pickups. This guitar was seen without and with a perlmut pickguard. Note the early ZOO-TV tour picture and compare them to the pictures you see during the official Sydney video. Edge gave this guitar to the "Hot Press - Irish music hall of fame" of Dublin; now you can see it there.

Fender Stratocaster 196X, sunburst, rosewood fingerboard, "L Series", white pickguard (see picture above), used during the Joshua Tree Tour and in a MTV-Interview in 1992. Back again on stage during Popmart and Elevation tour for "Pride...", tuned 1 step down.

Fender Stratocaster 195X, natural, rosewood fingerboard, white pickguard (see picture above), used in studio and on stage for "Stuck in a Moment". It seems that Edge got this guitar around the time of the recording session for "Rattle & Hum" in Dublin. See also the picture for the MXR Dynacomp which comes from that period.

Fender Stratocaster 19XX, black, with EMGs and Floyd Rose, you can see Edge with that one during the mid 80ties and especially in the time during the Joshua Tree tour.

Fender Stratocaster 198X, red, with white pickguard and Lace Sensors pickups (see picture above), used during the Lovetown tour. Might be an Eric Clapton signature model.

Fender Stratocaster 19XX, yellow, with dark pickguard, and Lace Sensors pickups (see picture above), used during the Lovetown tour. You can see it in the "Lovetown" video where Edge plays several songs with this guitar.

Fender Stratocaster 19XX, black, with white pickguard and Lace Sensors pickups (see picture above), used during the Lovetown tour.

Fender Stratocaster 198X, black, black pickguard, "The Strat", used for live "Helter Skelter" and "Where the streets..." as you can see in the "Rattle & Hum" movie.

Fender Stratocaster 196X, light blue, rosewood fingerboard and with white pickguard, seen in the "Wide Awake in Dublin special video - live at the Cork Park".

Fender Telecaster 1970, natural, white pickguard (see picture above),
seen on the Unforgettable Fire sessions and on the Net-Cam during sessions on the new songs in the studio in Dublin. This guitar was used a lot for the shimmering sounds on the "The Unforgettable fire" album.
Note the official video, where Edge and Brian Eno do some cool sounds with a bottleneck on it. Used during the Unforgettable fire tour, with the alternative tuning FADDGD, for the title track of the album.

Fender Telecaster 197X, black, white pickguard (see picture above), seen in the "Rattle & Hum" songbook. Maybe this guitar is not Edge's but could be from the Memphis Sun Studios, where U2 went to record some songs and also where this picture was taken.

Fender "90's Telecaster custom" 199X, alpine white, white perlmut pickguard (see picture above), a model which was made in Japan in the 2nd half of the 90's. This guitar was used for "Sunday Bloody Sunday" during the Elevation Tour and tuned one and a half tone down (!). Seen also in the official videos for "Walk On".

Fender "90's Telecaster custom" 199X, identical to the above mentioned one (see picture above where Edge change the guitar because of a broken string). This guitar is the backup for the model described above!

Gibson Explorer 1976, natural (see picture above), used for the early live performances up to 1989 and used again since 2000. Edge used it also on Ultra Violet on the ZOO-TV Tour, the head of this guitar has been broken: I saw it myself! This was Edge's first every owned guitar as Dallas told me. During the Elevation Tour this guitar had a standard tuning and Edge used it for "New York", "Beautiful day", "I Will follow" and "Out of Control".

Gibson Explorer 19XX, this guitar is the backup for the model described above! It was seen in one of the Elevation tour shows at the Slane Castle when Edge played "A Sort of homecoming". It seems that this guitar was tuned 1/2 step down.

Gibson Les Paul Custom 197X, creme (see picture above), #1, bought around 1981,
once erroneously mentioned that it is fitted with DiMarzios, it was used for the most "Achtung Baby" and "Zooropa" studio takes, also seen during the making of Pride. Used for "Desire" in the studio. Also the neck of this guitar was already broken. Actually I'm a bid unsure from which year this guitar exactly is! In fact Gibson's online guitar dating function does say, that there have no creme or white (white, which faded away to creme!) customs from 1972. This guitar has standard pickups, they just removed the pickup caps and then they fitted certain pickup rings which have been built only for a very short time in the beginning of the 80ties.

Gibson Les Paul Custom 197X, creme (see picture above), #2, this model is used from the Astoria performance (London-2000) on up to now! It looks identical to the #1 model... only the knobs and the pickups are different. It seems to be used because of different tunings on some songs. During the "Elevation Tour" U2 played a couple of songs in standard tuning instead of the flat tuning! It was first clearly seen in the official video for "the Fly" when it still had the pickup covers, which were removed later, as you can see now.

Gibson Les Paul Standard 19XX, Discotheque finish (see picture above),
this is Edge´s Disco Guitar, with a brick like glimmering silver blending seventies finish and standard pickups - but anyway the heaviest Les Paul on earth: 18 kilos as far as I know.

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 198X, brown, it´s the guitar you can see in the "I will follow" video.

Gibson Les Paul Standard 30th Aniversary Gold Top 1983, reissue (see picture above), used during the Popmart tour for "Do you feel loved", "Bullet the blue sky"... This guitar does have humbuckers and not mini-humbuckers, otherwise it would be a "deluxe" model. Used in the Elevation tour for "Until the end..."

Gibson SG Standard 196(1-3), cherry red, with a "deluxe" Lyre Vibrola and half "batwing" black pickguard (see picture above), used for "Elevation". A mate of Dallas' recommended the SG, so he picked one up. Dallas himself said that this is a 1966 ORIGINAL SG he bought in LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY, and mentioned it costed a LOT of cash; I think he was hinting like about 5,000 USD probably (source: Jules, which Dallas told to that after the CD:UK show)!

Gibson SG-Doubleneck 19XX, gold, I have never seen him with this too, but 3 people who emailed me about this one! Once it was mentioned in a italian guitar magazine and in Musician Magazine. But I can't believe Edge is using that one for any of the studio songs. He never mentioned this guitar in any interview.

Gibson ES-295 19XX, gold, used on in the Desire video, all Gold paint Gold hardware, early 50's Les Paul bridge Flower pickguard.

Gibson ES-330, tobacco sunburst (see picture above), this guitar was used for the live performances of "One", and "Holy Joe". The typical unique thing of ES-330 models are that they have no sustain block inside! This gives them a very acoustic sound. Used also for the official video of "Even Better"

Gibson B.B. King signature 19XX, black, read in a guitar magazine from Germany, that Edge picked one up, but I´ve never seen him with this. Maybe he used that only in the studio or it was only a marketing gag of Gibson Germany.

Gibson ? 19XX, red (see picture above), used for the performance at the italian Sanremo Festival for "The ground beneath..." and "All I want is you". This guitar has little adhesive stars on the body.

Gibson J-200 Celebrity 19XX, natural (see picture above), it seems that Edge got two of these. You can see one in the "Sweetest thing" video with a sound hole pickup.

Washburn Acoustic Festival "Woodstock"198X, tobacco sunburst (main one), with cutaway, used for "Seconds" and other early acoustics performances (especially during the Unforgettable Fire Tour). Edge got several of this guitars and most of them are fitted with a Lawrence pickup in the soundhole.

Takamine Santa Fe, brown 19XX, used on the B-stage during the ZOO TV tour and also seen in the "Classic Albums - The Joshua Tree" video with Daniel Lanois.

Rickenbacker 330-12(strings) 1967, fireglo (see picture above),
used on "Even better than the real thing", "Mysterious ways", "Angel of Harlem". Edge gets his tone from unusual pickup mix setting. The 330-12 from 1967 had only 22 frets and were equipped with "toaster" pickups now called "vintage". If somebody wants to buy a new one has to ask for those pickups, because new Ricks have low gain ones.

Rickenbacker 360-12WB 19XX, 12-strings, black, white pickguard, Edge was first seen on stage only on first Las Vegas show of the Popmart tour. Then it was used for "Gone" in the second show of Boston 2001 because Edge slammed his main Rickenbacker the night before because he thought the band had ruined the song.

Rickenbacker 330-12 19XX, natural finish,
this guitar was seen in the guitar case during the ZOO-TV shows. It seems to be a back up guitar for the case, that something happens to Edge's No.1 Rickenbacker.

Rickenbacker 325? 19XX, black, white pickguard, short scale model, seen during a soundcheck (1st Rotterdam show in 1997), as it was tested by Dallas Schoo!

Gretsch 6137 White Falcon 1964, white (see picture above),with Super-O-sonic electrics, stereo model rewired to mono, used for "Desire" in the Rattle and hum Video and "Van Diemens land", also seen in the official "Pride" video.

Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman 1965 (see picture above), this guitar was definitively used for "Discotheque" in the studio and for many other songs on the POP-Album, "Last Night On Earth" and "Please" with a capo on the second fret. These guitars both have a painted f-hole on their body. It seems it belongs to Bono. Also featured in the "Stuck in a Moment" video filmed at U2's studios.

Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman 1967, this guitar is identical to the one above. Also this one seen in the aformentioned video.

Gretsch Silver Jet 19XX, used during the "Lemon" video and live on stage for the Belfast performance with Ash.

Gretsch Country Club, 195X, cadillac green (see picture above), used for "Miss Sarajevo" and "One" on stage in Modena. This one belongs definitively to Bono, Egde said some time ago in an interview.

Gretsch Tennessean 19XX, red (see picture above), turtle shell pickguard and half moon fret markers. Used for the video of "Night and Day". This guitar could be Bono's.

Gretch 6117 Double Anniversary 1964, tobacco burst, seen in "Please" video.

Dobro Steel String 19XX, steel, mentioned by Edge in an interview. He bought it in the USA for 150$.

Bond Electric Light, made by a British luthier. This guitar seems to have a neck made of graphite with no frets, which gave Edge a strange sound which he used for the distorted outro of One Tree Hill (Edge stated so in a interview).

Yamaha AE2000 198X, used in the Joshua Tree era, it's a jazz guitar. You can see it in the "With or without you" official video.

Yamaha "Prototype" 19XX, black, with white pickguard, similar to a stratocaster, played on "When love comes to town" and "Angel of Harlem" during ZOO TV shows on the B-stage. This guitar is Edge´s only one with black pickup on a white pickguard. The guitar does have piezo-pickup, so it´s sounding very acoustic. U2's sound engineer, Joe O' Herlihy, fully mentioned this guitar in a interview.

Yamaha FG 365II, folk style acoustic mentioned in the "Rattle & Hum" movie book.

Yamaha L20A, folk style acoustic mentioned in the "Rattle & Hum" movie book.

Infinite Guitar (Fender Squire 19XX), which was used for the recording for "With or without you". This guitar has a built-in sustainer, which works identical to a normal E-bow. This guitar should be a modified Squier Stratocaster, it is black with a maple neck and a white pickguard. It has a Seymour Duncan pickup in the bridge, an electromagnetic transducer in the neck and a graphite nut. You can also notice the double input jack (one is made of brass). The guitar, together with a custom made rack unit, are the "Infinite guitar" system.

Modulus Graphite, made by the Modulus company that has a graphite neck through body design. The body wings of the guitar are made of wood, and the guitars frequently have a figured maple cap to cover up the graphite/wood binding. The graphite neck through body was popular with musicians who did extensive travelling, like the Grateful Dead, because they did not suffer from the changes in climate and humidity from one gig to the next like all-wood guitars do. You could depend on the action being right and the instrument not being damaged by the weather this way.

Ibanez M-4321 V, folk style acoustic mentioned in the "Ratlle & Hum" movie book.

Fernades Decade Elite Sustain Guitar 199X, light blue, white perlmut pickguard, used during POP Mart for "With or Without you" and "Discotheque" on the B Stage.

Fernades Decade Elite Sustain Guitar 199X, orange, white perlmut pickguard, used as the spare guitar for the above listed one. Used during the Elevation Tour and for the Popmart show in Las Vegas for "Discotheque".

Fernades Decade Elite Sustain Guitar 199X, light green, white perlmut pickguard, seen in U2's Hanover Quay studios.

Fernades Native Pro Sustain Guitar 200X, dark green, white pickguard, with a Decade Elite neck, used for "With or without you" during the Elevation Tour.

Breedlove CM, seems it was used during the acoustic performances on the Popmart tour. The source is the Breedlove Co., but they might have confused it with Adam's Acoustic Breedlove bass.

Taylor 614ce, natural, used during the acoustic performances on the Elevation Tour.

Taylor 914ce, tobacco sunburst, used during the acoustic performances on the Elevation Tour.

Taylor 710, natural, used during the acoustic performances on the Elevation Tour.

Sever custom guitar, it has a wood "U2" body shape! Now it lies on a wall in U2's Hanover Quay studios.

Epiphone Lap steel 1945, bought in 1982 at Gruhn's Guitars in Nashville. Used on the "War" album and on stage for "Surrender". Edge talks about it in an interview from "Guitar Player", June 1985 issue.

Gucci "Limited Edtion Electric Guitar" 200X, a custom guitar designed by the worldwide famous italian fashion house. Used for the recording of the "Elevation" video.



VOX AC-30 Top Boost probably from 1964 (maybe a 1967 model), Top Boost, dark front, little logo. this is Edge´s main working horse the one with U2 painted on the right side and on the rear panel. It´s caught on fire before, the tubes have blown up plenty, but this is his main anthem amp, used for "Pride (in the name of love)", "Where the streets have no name" and "New year´s day". It's got one blue speaker and one grey speaker. Edge bought this one in 1976 for 200 pounds, or something! I saw it personally when I got the chance to be behind Edge's rack for one second! My additional personal opinion is that this amp must be from around 1968, because it has the little newer VOX-Logo and in the past it should have had a grey panel! I asked many VOX experts and everyone told me, that the ones from this period are the best sounding ones! This amp does have a grey and a blue speaker. Anyway... this amp was dated to '64 by Dallas Schoo and this would mean, that the chassis is older than the stock one the amp came with... as this chassis with the little logo haven't been produced in 1964!

VOX AC-30 Top Boost 19XX, dark and undamaged front, without the VOX logo, is the amp you can see in the top left. This amp was given to Bono for the shows of the 2nd and 3rd leg of the Elevation tour.

VOX AC-30 Top Boost 1982, dark front, this amp used to belong to Bono but was given to Edge to be used as 2nd amp during half of the 1st leg of the "Elevation Tour".

VOX AC-30 Top Boost 199X, this is the 2nd amp that Edge used from the half to the end of the entire Elevation Tour (see picture above). In the Boston DVD, in the section "the making of" you can clearly see that this amp has a red panel and the on/off and standby switches, typical of a reissue VOX of the Korg era.

VOX AC-30 Top Boost 1966, big logo, it is the one which is in the lower position on the right, below the No.1 VOX. The amp has a big VOX logo and a dark front, which means, that it has to be from around 1965-66 if the panel is green.

VOX AC-30 Top Boost 1962 or 63, big logo, red panel, this amp is the one which you can see in the lower right position. This amp was seen as well during the Astoria performance in London in 2001.

VOX AC-30 Top Boost 1965, dark front, this amp was used in Berlin´s Hansa Ton studios.

VOX AC-30 Top Boost 1992, red front, with rectifier-tube and blue bulldog speakers, serial number 00001, it´s the first one of the reissue series build at Marshall, UK.

VOX AC-30 Top Boost 199x, red front,
with Celestion Greenbacks speakers. Used for "Please" at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1997.

VOX AC-30 Top Boost 19XX, in a closed case, there were two or maybe only one amp, which were kept in a closed case, this means that their volume must be too hight high as it would be possible to bring them on the stage. Edge used these amp or amps during the Popmart tour. Dallas and Edge call this amp "Vox-in-a-box".

VOX AC-30 Top Boost 199X, kept in a closed case, seen during the Elevation Tour. The amp has been disassembled and the circuitry is kept in a case. It was laying over a black case, behind the amps and we don't know if it has speakers or not. This VOX has an uneffected sound that is mixed in the PA. This was the "Vox-in-a-box" for the Elevation tour.

VOX head 19XX, used for the "Save the Yuppies" concert in San Francisco. You can see it in the "Rattle & Hum" video on "All Along The Watchtower".

Edge is the owner of probably over 60 VOX AC-30 amps. One of Edge's AC-30 was once fitted with a new front for sure, this one seems to be his No.1! I spoke to the man who fitted it those days and he told me, that Edge was staying behing him all the time to check if he is doing his job correctly! :-)) Dallas Schoo told me, that it is important to use only "Top Boost"-AC-30s. This must be right, because Edge is playing through the brilliant channel, and only "Top Boost"-AC-30s have this channel! Edge is very demanding on the good sound on AC-30s! Everytime when Dallas brings up a spare to replace one of Edge's most favourite AC-30s he is pissed off about the worse sound.

Randall RG180-112Cs 198X, 1 x 12 solid state amp. Edge got his two, around the end of the '80s from Def Leppard´s Joe Elliot and infact they were first seen during the Lovetown Tour. They were used for some cleaner sounds as well as for the heavy hard rock sounds, because the Vox hasn´t this bottom in the frequency. Also used intensively on the ZOOROPA-Album. Both amps had got a totally different EQ-setting. One of them was also used on "Last night on earth" during the POPMart shows. Also the heavy distorted sound from "Zoo station" is done with this amp, in fact Edge often uses it, when Bono tells him: "Give me this dirty hardrock sound, Edge!"

Roland JC-120 198X, used during the WAR-Tour and for "The Unforgettable Fire"-Album. Back again on stage for the 1st leg of the Elevation tour as Edge's piano was played through it.

Marshall JMP Combo 198X (see picture above) used by Edge in his early career.

Marshall JCM900 199X heads and cabinets (2), used for the Brasilian show of the Elevation promo tour. Surely are not Edge's but just rented for that show.

Mesa Boogie Rectifier head 19XX, I don´t know which one. It was never written a name when this top was mentioned in interviews.

Mesa/Boogie MK-IIC 198X, used during the Unforgettable Fire and the Joshua Tree tours.

Fender Pro Reverb 198X, used for the "Rattle and Hum" recordings, especially for "Angel of harlem". You can see it in the movie.

Fender Super Amp 19XX, used for the WAR tour, 4x10" speakers, it's Bono's but Edge plays through this one too.

Fender Deluxe Reverb 19XX, seen in U2's "the Factory" studios for the ZOO TV reharsals.

Fender Bassman 1959, 4 x 10 combo, this amp was used a lot for the clean sounds on "All that you can't leave behind". Used for recording "Elevation", "Stuck in A Moment" and "In a Little While".

Hiwatt 50 watt (SA212) combo 197X, this amp was used a lot for the distortion sounds on "All that you can't leave behind". Used for recording "Elevation".

BGW power amps 198X, in Edge´s rack during the end of the eighties. I'm not sure for what. I've never seen pictures of that.

Laney LC15 199X, used on "Holy Joe" for the Popmart Tour press conference and for the acoustic performance at the Italian San Remo's festival in 1999.

Yamaha Power amps have also been used during the 80ties from what was mentioned in guitar magazines. I am not sure if this is really true. Again, I've never seen any pictures.

You surely noticed that Edge, from some years, is using different amplifiers (non VOX) on the official videos for the albums singles. This doesn't mean that he currently owns them, because those amps are rented every time just for the shoots of the videos! Anyway we mention them:

Orange 120 head 199X, used in the "Discotheque"-Video, I think this is only a reissue version of the "classic" UK made amp of the seventies.

Hiwatt Custom 100 Heads (see picture above), Edge used those for the video shootings for "Top of the pops" and "Beautiful day"

Hiwatt Quad box with 4 x 12" Fanes (see previous picture), Edge used these cabinets for the video shootings for "Top of the pops" and "Beautiful day"

Orange AD30R (see picture above), used for the 1st video of "Walk On".

Marhall Super Lead Anniversary Special, head and cabinet, with white tolex, used for the video of "Elevation".

Marshall ?, used for the 2nd video of "Walk On".

Effects - Pedals

BOSS SD-1, used for the early things like the BOY and WAR albums for the overdriven sounds, with this thing you´ll get the original high-mig-snobby Edge-tone in combination with a equalizer. Edge uses this pedal a lot, because it give´s you a very good sound in combination with a VOX amp.

BOSS OD-2, used only with the turbo switched off, it´s very similar to the SD-1. Surely used for "Until the end of the world".

BOSS CS-2, compression sustainer, seen during ZOO-TV, used in a very extreme setting. It seems to have been used a lot during the Achtung Baby sessions.

BOSS GE-7, for the equalization of the overdrive pedals. Edge uses this pedals for eq-ing the overdrive-pedal sound either of a OD-2 or a SD-1. The place in the signal path varies, as Edge sometimes eqs the signal BEHIND the overdrive pedal and sometimes before the pedal. On ZOO-TV he used it behind the SD-1 and raised the high frequencies a lot.

BOSS FA-1, maybe for boosting the lower input guitars i. e. Fender Stratocasters. It took me 4 years to get one myself! Ultimate rare unit! Edge uses this from around almost 20 years since today. You can find this in his Elevation rig. From what I could figure out, this pedal is used for getting this marvellous boost on "Stuck in a moment, you can't get out of"

BOSS DD?, delay used for the acoustic performance of "All I want is you" at the italian Sanremo's festival.

MXR DynaComp (80's block logo),used in the BOY and WAR albums for the sustained sounds. Listen to the lead guitar of "Like a song" or the slide guitar of the war album, also very fine is the solo of "New year´s day". I believe that Edge often boosts his Vox with this thing, because the doesn´t destroy your VOX-Tube sound (at least not mine). What I have heard is, that Edge uses this unit for the bottle-neck solos like on Mysterious ways (live). This info was told to me by an ex-tech of U2's crew but even Dallas Schoo recently confirmed this!

Electro Harmonix Big Muff, (old - Tone-Bypass Version), used for the early things like the BOY and WAR albums for the sustained sounds, hear the live version of "Two hearts beat as one", Edge used this one (I believe) for the later solo on "Love is blindness" in the live version, look at your Sydney 1993 video, there he plays this solo. I think it's a big muff. It sounds very broken (like a Lovetone pedal for example).

Electro Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe
(5 knob model- see picture above), this is the worldwide famous-Edge-delay! You'll hear it on the first three albums, and on many live recording during this time. It's analogue, so don't wonder! But it got a chorus in it! During the mid-80ties Edge used mostly two of those pedals live on stage! Some also told me, that Edge even used it for the piano-sounds, cause it sounds so warm. Seen in U2's studio for the recording sessions of "All that you can't leave behind"-album.

Electro Harmonix Micro Syntheziser, this one was used for the mad distorted intro sound of "When I look at the World".

Sobbat DB-1 Drive Breaker, Edge seems to use that unit for the broken distortion you hear on "New York".

Manny's Fuzz, in an interview was mentioned that this is one of Daniel Lanois old pedals which Edge used in studio for "New York" and "Elevation".

Ampeg Scambler, this is a very very very very rare octave fuzz pedal. Edge used it for "Kite" solo, album version, and for the verse of "Elevation" live.

Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer. It seems to have replaced the Boss SD-1 for the Elevation Tour.

Pearl Graphic-EQ GE-9, I don't have much information about that one! But this pedal was used similar to the BOSS GE-7 (look above). Anyway, it was used during the Lovetown and ZOO TV tours.

Lovetone Big Cheese, used for Discotheque's strange middle part and maybe also for "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me" live. It was mentioned, that the Batman-sound comes from the Digitech rack units, but it sounds more like the Big Cheese. Definitively you can hear the Big Cheese on the end of "Discotheque" live on Popmart tour. It sounds very close to a Big Cheese there. Seen in U2's studio for the recording sessions of "All that you can't leave behind"-album.

Lovetone Doppelganger, used f. e. on POP in the studio on "If God will send his angels". You can also heat a typical Doppelgaenger sound on the new live version, from the Elevation Tour, of "Discothéque / Staring at the sun".

Lovetone Meatball, used during the Popmart Tour for "Please" from what I know. This pedal is a luxurious envelope filter. Used for the reverse autowah in "Mysterious Ways" during the Elevation tour.

T.C. Electronic Integrated Preamplifier, used during the ZOO TV Tour in the same role of the Boss FA-1.

T.C. Electronic Dual Parametric Equalizer, used to get a wah-wah like tone without losing all the bass frequency, hear "An Cath Dubh" and "Into the heart" from the "BOY"-Album, very nice sounds. Also look at the incredible live version of "Sunday bloody sunday" in Red Rocks. Only here Edge´s plays a guitar sound I´M NOT ABLE TO IMITATE in any way! It sounds different to all other live versions on the tour.


Effects - Rack gear

MXR Pitch Transposer with display,
old pitch shifter used during War/Unforgettable fire Tour. It seems Edge used it for "11 O' clock..." and for "A sort of homecoming".

Furman parametric equalizer, mentioned in "U2 Magazine" from 1984 as used by the Edge.

Custom Audio Electronics Envelope filter, Edge used this for the album "Zooropa", but never live.

Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) custom made "Remote Wah", Bob Bradshaw built this unit for the Edge to give him a unique and different wah sound. Still in Edge's rack since the ZOO TV tour.

T.C. Electronic TC2290 Digital Delay, TC emailed me, that Edge got the newest software for it, which today is the standard software. He uses this unit for most of the delay on live shows, f.e. on "Streets" and "Bullet the blue sky". It is Edge's No.1 main delay unit! Edge has several (on Elevation 2001 he even uses 4!) of those units in his live-rack. Note, that Edge used this unit as a looper too till the Popmart tour! He also uses it for tremolo effects (listen to Gone's break!) and for its programmable output volume!

Korg A3, it has been mentioned several times as it had a great role in the sounds of "Achtung Baby" and "Zooropa" albums. Its Flanger was surely used for "Numb" and also the "Phaser" was used for the Popmart shows. A very good reference sound is also "Mysterious ways". Edge also uses it for the intro sound of "One" live (which I could identify when standing in front of his rack during the show in London's Astoria). Now he uses it also on "Kite" live. Edge always got two of these units in his rack since the ZOO TV Tour.

Korg SDD3000 Digital Delay, Edge loves it because of his warmth, it´s his favourite delay. The Korg SDD3000 is mainly used because of the pre-amp section. Daniel Lanois also uses this unit, and often they just use the pre-amp only, and bypass the delay line all together. The TC2290's are much more user-friendly for delay applications, but these Korg Delays are sounding warmer in Edge's opinion. Edge has several of those SDD-delays; once he mentioned, directly to a friend, that he he owns 20 of them. In fact he uses three SDD-3000 during a show. This unit is not MIDI-switchable, which makes it necessary to use more than only one unit. In the latest Elevation Tour, Edge uses only one of the three SDD3000 he had in his rack, and mainly for solos: "Sunday...", "Mysterious...", "One", "New York", "Beautiful Day", "the Fly". Instead, there were some songs on which Edge used ONLY the SDD: "Bad", "Walk On", "Out of Control", "Wake up dead man", "Pride".

Korg SDD2000 Digital Delay, Edge used it during Popmart Tour. We never discovered for which song or for which effect!

AMS 1580 S DMX Dual Channel Digital Delay Line Pitch Changer, totally expensive but a reference in many big music studios. You can't afford to buy this unit - against this one Eventide is cheap!!! Really cheap!! Edge uses one for shimmering the guitar sound. Listen to "4th of July" (very good example) or "With or without you" and to "Love is blindness" or "All I want is you". It is really an excellent unit which offers you a very musical tone. It seem that Edge, live on stage, uses just two presets, one with a delay time of 120 ms., the other with 350 ms.

Roland SDE3000 Digital Delay, used for the album "Zooropa" but not on stage.

Yamaha D1500 digital delay, mentioned in a magazine as it was used during the Unforgettable Fire tour for Edge's Yamaha piano. Also seen during the recording sessions, at the Sun studios, for the "Rattle and Hum" album. You can see it in the picture for the Epiphone lapsteel, behind Edge's with its red display which says 120 (?).

ART SGX2000 Tube Preamp, used on ZOO-TV Tour, from what I know for "Zoo station" only.

Rocktron Pro G.A.P. V2.0 PreAmp Hush, programmable preamp with HUSH (noise reduction), this unit was used during the ZOO TV Tour, but I was told that Edge doesn't use any noise-reduction-system, cause they destroy the sound in his eyes.

Rocktron Repiflex, used for the "POP" album sounds, especially for the chorus on "Staring at the sun". Edge used it live during the Popmart tour for the Leslie effect on "One"! Seen in U2's studio for the recording sessions of "All that you can't leave behind"-album.

Rocktron DVC Dynamic Volume Controller,
this unit handles Edge's volume pedal. Still in use since the ZOO TV Tour.

Yamaha SPX 1000, this is current Edge's main reverb and it is used for the Shimmer effect only!

Yamaha SPX 900, this wasEdge's main reverb during the Elevation Promo-Tour from what we've found out and it is used for the Shimmer effect only!

Yamaha SPX90, this unit seems to be used for the recoding of "In God's Country" from what I have heard. The "symphonic"-preset seems to be used for that.

Yamaha SPX90 II, two were seen in Edge's rack for the ZOO TV Tour.

Yamaha GEP50, seen in Edge's rig during the Lovetown and ZOO TV Tours.

Yamaha REV-7, reverb unit used during the Joshua Tree Tour.

Yamaha R1000, reverb unit used during War/Unforgettable fire Tour. Lying over the Yamaha D1500 in Edge's rack.

Eventide Ultra Harmonizer H3000, this is the unit, with which you do the "Lemon" sound or the sound in the break of "Beautiful day" (where Edge plays these very high notes) The only unit, who can do this in a same sounding way is the Digitech 2101 processor.

"Infinite Guitar" rack unit, this is the custom made rack unit, by a friend of Edge, Mark Brookes.

Digitech DHP-33, Dual harmony processor, later sobstitued in Edge's rack by the Eventide H3000. Mentioned in a magazine during the Lovetown Tour.

Digitech GSP 2101 Studio preamp processor, used during the Popmart tour, for example for the "Hold me thrill me kill me kiss me", it was mentioned in an article, that the unit was a big part of the Passengers album. I have it on my own and I can agree, that it is an excellent sounding processor.

Digitech 2112 Studio GP Preamp/Processor, used during the Popmart tour mainly for "New year's day" and "I will follow" and the more dirty distortion sounds.

Dunlop DCR-ISR Crybaby rack, used for Popmart tour; Edge could choose between different eq settings which varies the character of his wah sound a lot. This unit is a rackmount unit, which is in a side rack under the stage.

Electrix Filter Factory, was used for the intro sound of "Elevation" and the solo in studio (which was written in "Guitar Player" in January 2001's edition).

Line 6 POD Pro, Edge used two of these as emulation for different amps during the Elevation shows, f.e the Randall's or the Fender Bassman. One unit is used to send the signal directly to the front house.

Line 6 Delay Modeler, seen in U2 studio among Edge's gear and used the during the Elevation Tour as delay for Edge's Yamaha piano.

Lexicon MPX 100, reverb unit, seen in U2's studio for the recording sessions of "All that you can't leave behind"-album.


Effects - Floor gear

Digitech Whammy WH-1, used on the ZOO-TV shows for "Even better", "Hold me" and sometimes also for "Bad". You can listen to "Mofo" and "Gone" too. The very old Whammy does sound totally different to the newer ones. Especially the live sounds are impossible to imitate with one of the new ones, because they don't sound as dirty as the old WH-1. Edge made some tests with the newer models but he came back to the first one. So Dallas Schoo once run an ad in "Vintage Guitar magazine", where he was looking for this pedal, and now they have 8 of them. Used also in "All that you can't leave behind"-album for "When I look at the world" and "Peace on earth".

Digitech Whammy II, used on the Popmart shows, especially for the ruling "Mofo" on the earlier shows. On later shows Edge used only the WH-1 model. Edge prefers the Whammy 1 on stage, because it sounds more dirty and analogue. Maybe the Whammy II was only a spare unit, as - I can agree from my own side too - the Whammy 1 is really not very reliable.

Dunlop Dallas Fuzz Face, used on Popmart for Mofo. It is a element part of the 747-sound. Edge's one seems to be modified as it has a sticker on hit which says "SMG MOD".

Dunlop Crybaby, used during the Joshua Tree and the Lovetown tours. It's the old model with the white border on the plate.

VOX Wah-Wah, used for the "Bullet the Blue Sky"-solo during ZOO-TV and Popmart Tour. The pedal was fitted in the middle of the stage, near to Bono. You can see, in U2's official videos, Edge moving away from his gear and going on this wah for that solo.

Dunlop Crybaby (Chrome) CB-535 wah, Edge had one during the Popmart and the Elevation Promo Tour. Later, he got two of them, and one directly interacted with a Fuzz Face.

Additional equipment

Roland GR50 Guitar Synthesizer, seen in Edge's rig for the ZOOropa Tour.

Roland GK2A, esaphonic pickup fitted on Edge's acoustic Washburn.

Roland Guitar Synthesizer VG-8 System, mentioned by Edge in an interview.

Photon MIDI Converter, seen in Edge's rig for the Lovetown Tour and for the indoor shows of the ZOO-TV Tour.

BOSS TU-12H, main Edge's tuner in the past.

BOSS TU-2, pedal tuner used during the Elevation Tour. Fitted between Edge's floor pedals.

BOSS Volume pedals, Edge used various of these pedals through the years. The one in use for the Elevation Tour seems to be a FV300 modified with a switch that allows to control the Shimmer mix or the remote wah wah.

BOSS EV30 Expression pedal, used during the ZOO TV tour.

Morley A/B/Y box, old model, Edge used this pedal for selecting amps or splitting the signal during his whole career.

Juice Goose Power Rack 200 professional distribution center, power conditioner. Many effects have to get a fine power conditioning, so that the noise is humbucked. Used for Edge's ZOO Tv rig.

Furman PL-8, power conditioners, power conditioners for Edge's rig during Popmart and Elevation tour.

T.C. Electronic TC0144, foot controller, used during the Joshua Tree and Lovetown tour for controlling the TC2290 presets and loops.

Korg FC6, dedicated foot controller for the Korg A3 (see picture above), seen during the recording session for the album "Zooropa".

Boss SCC-700 Effects Center, old and rare switching system for the effects. Edge used it starting from the Unforgettable fire Tour till the Lovetown Tour.

Rocktron Bradshaw RSB-18F, footcontroller,
this killer-midi-pedal was used to switch Edge´s system. Note that Edge never used the rack-unit of the system (RSB-18R). Bob Bradshaw seems to have modified this pedal. An expanded CAE RS-10 was inserted in the system for the Popmart tour. This allows Edge's to have access on each amp during the show. Before the Popmart Tour, Dallas had to switch the amps manually with his pedal board. Edge can now do this by his own. Dallas has always got a copy of Edge's footcontrollers under the stage because, sometimes, he changes the presets during the shows when Edge can't do.

CAE RS-10, foot controller with expansion; Edge had one during the Popmart tour and now he has got two of these as they are the newest footcontrollers for him. With those boards he is calling up his presets and switching on/off effects.

Rocktron Patchmate, 3 of them were used during the ZOO TV Tour; it is not clear if they were used also for the Amp switching or just for the pedal-administration only. The most important thing about this unit is, that it is based on relays and so it doesn't affect your signal quality.

CAE custom units, Edge uses Custom Audio Electronics units for managing his audio signal. His collaboration with Bob Bradshaw started with the rig for the ZOO TV Tour and from then Edge always got his rig built by him. So, Bradshaw built several custom units for: splitting signal, managing effects, controlling output volume, interfaces, power supplies, etc.

CAE 2x4 Audio Controller, looper/switcher used for the Elevation tour. This is a standard unit but we don't know if Bradshaw has modified it.

CAE Dual Stereo Line Mixer, old model, this unit is used to vary the effect mix and maybe the output volume of Edge's rack as well.

CAE Amp selector, used for selecting different amps.

CAE A/B box, Edge got this custom pedal for the Elevation Tour to select the input line for his guitar: wireless or lead.

Digital Music Co. GCX Guitar Audio Switcher, Edge used two of these units during the Elevation promo tour.

Digital Music Co. Line Mixer, Edge used it during the Elevation promo tour.

Digital Music Co. Ground Control and Ground Link, Edge used these pedalboards during the Elevation promo tour. As you can notice Edge used the entire "Ground Control" system for this promo tour as Dallas suggested him; but he didn't feel comfortable with it, so they went back to a CAE system for the main tour!

Alesis Data Disk, used for storing patch settings from the different midi units in Edge's rig and sequence controllers.

Yamaha CP-70, electric piano, Edge used it for most of the albums and tours, except for ZOO-TV and Popmart Tour. Used on the "All that you can't leave behind" album for recording "Walk On", as Max was there in that moment! Used also for the Elevation Tour.

E-BOW, little battery powered sustainer, hear "With or without you"! Edge used this for the live performances of during ZOO-TV.

Sony WRR850, Wireless UHF Transmitter , Edge used it on the ZOO-Tour, and for POPMart too. Dallas mentioned in an interview, that he and Edge take a lot of time before touring with listening to different wireless transmitters. The Sony won the last two tours! It seems to be the best working unit for Dallas and Edge.

Monster and Canare cables, these are the audio cables used by the Edge for his guitars and effects.

Switchcraft 1/4" mono plugs mod. 280, 380, 226, 228, these are the audio plugs used for connecting Edge's gear.

Schub Capo, used during the Elevation Tour.



James Howe Industries Rotosound, 0.11 - 0.54 nickel gauge, roundwound.

DR-Strings, tite-fit, nickel-roundwound, still in use since the Popmart Tour.

Ernie Ball, 0.10 - 0.46, they were mentioned in an article about Edge's main Gibson Explorer setup, from "Guitar Player" May 2002.

The strings size, depends on the guitar and it varies from time to time. But generally you are on the good side, when you use more thick strings, cause most of Edge's guitars are tuned down a half-tone.


Miking - Voice

Shure Beta 58, used, on stage, for the Elevation Tour.

Shure SM58, used, on stage, for the past tours.

Miking - Amps

Shure SM56, used during the Elevation Tour

Shure SM57, was used during the 80ties and on ZOO-TV. Used also for the recording of "POP" and "All that you can't leave behind.

Shure SM58, used for the early '80s shows. Used also for the recording of "POP" and "All that you can't leave behind.

Shure Beta 56, was used during Popmart.

Shure Beta 58, used in the studio for miking the acoustic guitars.

Sennheiser 421, used for the recording of "POP" and "All that you can't leave behind.

AKG D1200, used for the early '80s shows.

AKG 414, used for the recording of "POP" and "All that you can't leave behind.

Neumann U47, used for the recording "All that you can't leave behind.

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